Unceasing innovation. Preserving the natural world.

Redsand Ventures is unlocking frontier markets through responsible capital. We work with industry players and funders to build bold projects where the innovation proves out both the return on investment and impact.

We build and co-create ventures that are environmentally sustainable, disruptive and profitable.

Designing and building ventures that accelerate the growth of environmentally friendly business models and have a demonstrable impact on society by improving living standards.
Our model is to create value in the ventures we create so that they have greater market adoption and scale and hence provide a return to investors.

Circular energy models are commonplace and enablers for human prosperity.
Data & CleanTech
Is clean, hyper-scaled and delivers increasing return on investment.
Is inclusive, transparent, and, above all, serves all segments of society.

Triple bottom (3BL) line returns

Redsand Ventures supports triple bottom line (3BL) returns through opportunities with a differentiated social and sustainability element in convergent FinTech and CleanTech, Data and IoT sectors.