Our message to Sustainable FinTech entrepreneurs

We believe our world has reached a tipping point.

As we all know, we’re currently living in fast-changing and unprecedented times. With Covid-19 infecting our society, a turbulent political landscape and the climate emergency becoming greater day-by-day, our future is uncertain.

These periods call for brave ideas and entrepreneurs to act as catalysts for positive change.


At Redsand Ventures, we believe innovation and new financial technologies are key to helping us realise the sustainable future we must embrace. Innovation goes beyond finance to include sectors such as energy, construction, transport and more.

Which is where you come in.

We see this world of Sustainable FinTech innovation defined by our wheel

Greening the financial system requires core financial services to act. Changing from its core will have a significant impact on key ‘transitional’ industries that represent the biggest opportunity & threat to climate change.

If you are an entrepreneur working in impact or green fintech within these fields, who is either established or is developing a new product, then we want to connect with you, to hear your ideas and how we can support you.

We are a team of venture creators and investors looking to engage with the next generation of sustainable innovators.

We’re asking you to come to us with your projects. Our job is to add value and explore these with you to see how we can turn them into a reality.

Good luck and stay safe

Redsand Ventures