Sustainability: 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation

September 13, 2021 | Nicole Anderson

Redsand Ventures (RSV) will be featured in the forthcoming 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation publication.

This special book is to be published to coincide with the 300th anniversary of the appointment of Britain’s first prime minister, Robert Walpole, in 1721, and in the year of Her Majesty The Queen’s 95th birthday. 

The inclusion amongst many iconic brands and individuals who have made a huge impact on society and the world is a proud moment.

However – this backdrop to this is the really interesting story.

Our discussions with the editorial team for this began last year, at which point RSV looked very different to how we do today. Even at that point – our business had benefited from coming from an entrepreneurial heritage – and looked at the world of finance with the aim of breaking down complexity, enabling inclusion and responsible action regarding natural resources.

Today RSV is a fully fledged impact investor – that is not only noteworthy because of its industry focus but more importantly because of our model and financial innovation. 

Our ability to design compelling structures to absorb capital from institutional debt markets and shape them into low cost, high performing project finance is one of our differentiators.

We have also looked at impact as a way to service our investments with onward technology and financing resources in the shape of additional portfolio companies – internally designed from the start.

And we are committed to operational oversight. Our teams work across the portfolio assets to assets in strategy and how capital is allocated and activity monitored. This is not a theoretical exercise – we operationally support our portfolio.

We have set aside a traditional PE fund structure. It simply doesn’t work in our world from a return, cost of execution, impact and transparency perspective.

RSV is and has always been committed to a future of finance that enables communities, preserves resources and cuts across the barriers of complexity. We are both founder and funder – which allows us freedom to overcome any walls of resistance, be independent and do what we feel is right, not what looks good from purely a return in an investment case. Financial performance is just part of our goal mix. We don’t compromise on any component – people, planet or profit.

We have just challenged ourselves to stop, question, separate our biases and conditioning and to be open to the potential all around us.

The beautifully designed, limited hardback edition of the 300 Years of Leadership and Innovation book officially launches on 22 September 2021 in a star-studded event at Westminster Abbey.

Copies will be delivered to UN Heads of State, embassies at home and overseas, members of the House of Commons and the House of Lords, members of the European and Commonwealth Parliaments, local and education authorities, schools, colleges and universities.

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