Redsand Ventures partners with CLIMA, the first ever Climate Youth Fund

June 15, 2021 | Jim Ottewill

Redsand Ventures is delighted to be partnering with CLIMA, the first ever climate youth investment fund. 

The climate youth fund aims to close the gap in climate protection by connecting the finance industry with sustainable grassroots initiatives and projects. 

The concept has been developed by social impact company, 25onehundred, which is currently crowdsourcing backing from donors to support the development of the program around the fund. This involves selecting and refining innovation from climate protection ventures.

At the end of the design and build phase, CLIMA, a separate fund structure, will deploy €2.5 million into 25 of the top projects that made it through the 25onehundred acceleration process. CLIMA will be working with the Redsand Ventures team on helping develop these projects.

Leander Ganzert, 25onehundred CEO, said: “The first round of the climate youth fund will aim to invest €100,000 into 25 different projects. We want to work with the private sector around climate finance and utilise some of the great innovation from this sector. We want to show that climate finance can generate a profit and are serious about wanting to make a difference to our world by building a portfolio of innovative ideas and ventures.” 

We believe in young people and think there are brilliant minds out there full of disruptive innovation that can help push our world forward. We should find them now and give them the tools, funding, networks and know-how to make the most of their ideas.” 

The fund is dedicated to investing in 25 innovative youth driven, entrepreneurial climate protection technology companies based anywhere in the world. 25onehundred will act as a venture studio and help them grow and get to market.

The development of the climate youth fund hinges on 25onehundred’s venture studio model – a participation, learning and co-designing process which integrates as many young people as possible and introduces the world of climate finance and climate protection technology to them. 

Three platforms which function as an impact-marketing tool will be created through the fund development process. These are: 

  • The investment platform through which 25onehundred evaluates and chooses the investment projects.
  • A learning platform that allows a democratic public process where everyone can participate and follow.
  • The project platform that manages all projects we have invested in and shares progress and documentation and interaction with the founders.

Each platform will be based on a democratic process engaging the audience to catalyze valuable learning opportunities. Through this, 25onehundred wants to initiate transparency and inclusivity in the future of green investing in their own way.

Visit for more information.

You can support the crowdfunding campaign here.

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