How Redsand Ventures’ Innovation Cloud points to a green future

October 26, 2020 | Jim Ottewill

Investors, innovators and start-ups working are all striving to ensure their ventures are in tune with our times by working more sustainably.  

It means increasing demands around ESG and climate change from both market and regulators. Responding effectively to these new challenges and responsibilities needs an innovative approach utilising a collaborative, virtual and agile global solution. 

Redsand Ventures’ Innovation Cloud is the perfect platform for clients to experiment with innovation and product development in a safe and dedicated environment. 

How the Innovation Cloud solution works

  • We collate data from pilots and product releases to encourage faster adaptation.
  • We create a dedicated environment to study and adapt to changing governance. 
  • We enable experiments with open innovation and product development.
  • We rapidly co-design and iterate a fintech prototype to minimum viability at an accelerated pace.

Our methodology 

Redsand Ventures offers a stepped process for co-creating and testing fintech innovations, ushering clients through an initial testing period to co-design solutions capable of being rapidly developed, iterated and refined for market.

Our innovation cloud infrastructure can achieve clarity for incumbents within disrupted industries and help de-risk scenarios; it can be used to test against regulatory frameworks or to adapt a rules engine for stress testing requirements. 

We can create seamless integration between incumbent cloud platforms and those of global leading start-ups and third party innovation suppliers. This can be combined to accelerate the discovery of complex solutions to emerging climate risk and ESG requirements. 

Our sustainable finance, innovation and technology expertise is well placed to help retail customers, private clients and government respond to the new normal of ESG and climate legislation. 

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