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May 11, 2021 | Jim Ottewill

As successful venture builders, sustainability and innovation has driven the work of Redsand Ventures and now it seems the rest of the world is catching up with us. 

According to recent PwC figures, ESG is a fast-growth market-segment with $16 billion invested into new tech business models addressing ESG needs. 

Redsand Ventures has been founded, managed and brought to its current reputation and track record by Nicole Anderson. Partners Dr Christian Kruse and Rudy Mazzocchi are two business developers and investment partners offering a diversity of skills, experience, expertise and networks via a sustainability and innovation lens.

With Redsand Ventures recently listed by The OCMX, here we get to know all three and why they are excited about their work… 

What have been the most important moments of your careers? 

Dr Christian Kruse (CK): This is a very interesting question. People usually share how they have worked in a particular role or for a certain company but my career path hasn’t followed a traditional route. 

Instead, I’ve always followed my passions; an academic career, then switching to banking, then becoming an entrepreneur and investor.  

I’ve always had to react to the world around me. With my entertainment and football investments, I’ve had to change my business models every few years due to market developments, whether they be brought on by new technology or regulations.

Ultimately, I’m driven by trying to find solutions. I’m always curious and inspired, I get up with a new idea every morning and I love turning them into ventures.

The highlight for me is having the bravery to come up with these new ideas, then building financial engineering solutions around them with this can do attitude – and that’s what fascinates me with Redsand Ventures. 

We are engaging with grassroots sustainability impact projects which feature the latest technology, they are modern, innovative and creative. We then find the financial solutions for it. By doing so, we can show the world it is possible to believe in sustainability and create great returns for everyone. 

Rudy A. Mazzocchi (RM): There was a turning point in my career as a serial entrepreneur and startup CEO. After creating almost a dozen companies, I had the opportunity to join a venture capital fund here in Atlanta, Georgia in the States.

It was a very unique fund. I was a general partner of the Innovation Factory and president of an incubator. My job was to go and find new game-changing technology to solve what we called “unmet needs”. 

Location didn’t matter – so I would go to medical research labs in various countries, a new technology park in Singapore or Tel Aviv. I was exposed to some unbelievable technology that was 10 or 15 years away from the market. You had to be extremely creative to see how this could be turned into a development effort, a clinical effort, then a commercial opportunity to address a global problem. Just as we are at Redsand Ventures. The technology was so compelling that it was tricky to say no – this tech was on the cutting edge, almost too far on the edge. It instilled a new discipline in me so I could look from a business perspective at the different investor angles and how to be capital efficient in bringing this to market.

Nicole Anderson (NA): It is very rare that three people come together with one unifying aim of breaking down barriers. If I think of my career, I wasn’t knowingly aware of what I was doing. But I would never take no for an answer. 

Although I’ve spent a long time in innovation within financial services, I have never worked in the industry itself. For me technology enabled me to see across vertical sectors. The world we’re moving into is already demonstrating the flattening of all these constructs. 

What are you excited about by being a part of Redsand Ventures? 

RM: I built a reputation for being capital efficient – that’s why venture capitalists would invest in me and my companies. I could be capital efficient and stay lean but that lengthened the timeline to market. I’m excited with Redsand Ventures, not only thanks to our experience but the technology provided by our operating company too, which helps accelerate the ventures we’re getting involved in. 

I’m excited about seeing and realising technology sooner rather than later. It frustrated me before in the healthcare sector seeing programmes and development efforts take 8-10 years before they would get through the compliance and regulatory cycle to become a commercial product. At Redsand Ventures, we have all the elements to accelerate that to give support and capital funding. The team all has different domain expertise so we can move these opportunities forward very quickly to enable them to have an impact in today’s society. 

NA: Our model is about incubating ventures of our own and of third parties, if need be, with repeatable assets we own which are part of our portfolio – this knowledge doesn’t come overnight and has been hard-won via our experiences. 

When you get to work and see what these technologies can deliver at scale, it becomes very exciting. This requires an affinity to change, an affinity for never taking no for an answer and for being creative at every level.  People find it alluring and frustrating when they look at our model as it seems unfamiliar but at the same time they know there is magic in there.

Watch the full video exchange and get in touch to find out more.

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