Championing sustainable innovation

June 20, 2019 | Nicole Anderson

Getting projects funded and off the launch pad is only one part of venture building. At Redsand we are creating a long-term community of engaged entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders — ultimately including the citizens of the smart cities of the future.

Redsand isn’t simply interested in securing funding for sustainable companies, unleashing them into the wild and watching them sink or swim on their own terms. We’re about sustainable finance as well as green business. That means taking a much longer and more holistic view than getting companies past the starting line. The funding stage is just the first step on a journey to success.

MIRIS X is our dedicated token issuance and trading platform. This technology is critical for funding projects and giving them the capital they need to implement their ideas, but it does not stop there. Already the platform is a hub for our community of businesses, investors and other stakeholders, and we plan to expand this to new users and use cases. Ultimately, it will be used for financial communications of all kinds among the MIRIS X community.

Smart cities

The technologies we are building and funding have some of their most exciting applications in smart cities. These are digitally-connected settlements in which a wide array of data — from sensor networks, from traffic cameras, weather stations and, perhaps most importantly, from citizens themselves — is used to adapt to changing needs in real-time and deliver effective public services.

MIRIS X will be one of the chief ways in which we engage with citizens in the cities of the future, enabling them not only to find out more about the different projects that underpin the infrastructure and services they use, but offering new investment opportunities. By bringing them aboard in this way, we help align interests and make everyone a financial as well as social stakeholders in their communities.

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