Blockchain and the Green Economy

July 22, 2019 | Nicole Anderson

Blockchain technology will leave no sector untouched, as well as transforming existing business models, it has the power to create entirely new markets and opportunities.

It may be a cliché to say that money makes the world go round, but it is true that almost everything we see and do has a financial dimension. Ever since money was first created, many thousands of years ago, the financial world and its apparatus has steadily grown and now permeates every area of life.

Democratising finance

Blockchain’s first and greatest impact has been in the financial sector, where it is already disrupting existing business models. The nature of finance — when combined with technology — has been a catalyst of change throughout the ages and the latest technology, blockchain, will inevitably be of profound significance. When we change the communications technology that underpins money itself, we change everything.

Redsand has already begun to leverage these new technologies by harnessing them to fund sustainable innovation, helping to launch green businesses and giving investors new ways of engaging with opportunities that pay both financial and environmental returns. This is done through the MIRIS X sustainable financing platform. Its greatest attraction is in opening up access to investment into some of the world’s most progressive, sustainable projects.

Redsand Venture Building

The relative ease with which capital can be accessed through the MIRIS X platform allows new ventures to thrive. Sustainable innovators can build their projects out with Redsand, work with our experts to test the market, and raise finance through the MIRIS X platform.

MIRIS X offers not only the ability to do things more efficiently — to bring savings of time and money to existing business models — but to do things more effectively. As time goes on and more talented entrepreneurs come to this space, we will see entirely new business models that engage customers, stakeholders and the community in new ways. We invite you to be a part of this exciting and unprecedented opportunity to change the world.

MIRIS X funding platform
Redsand venture builders

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