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Can Bitcoin Mining Win Against Economics, Policy and Perceptions?

2022 was a tumultuous year for many including Bitcoin Miners and one our new report explores. This blog aims to highlight some of the key issues we’ve discussed in our analysis of the industry. 

For the Bitcoin Mining sector, 2022 was marked by multiple pain points and events that brought the industry to its knees. 

Many miners with ample capital were hit by a series of economic shocks including surging energy prices and interest rate hikes. 

At Redsand Ventures, we have been entrenched in the data infrastructure and Bitcoin Mining industry for the last three years, working with industry leaders and capital providers across a number of large and complex projects. 

Our paper aims to cover the industry’s background, the impact of recent history and the potential for recovery as we move through 2023 and as well as answer some of the below questions. 

  • Why is Bitcoin Mining important? 
  • What are the most important factors in Bitcoin Mining?
  • Is the Bitcoin industry truly an energy guzzling monster?
  • How will Bitcoin Mining survive the current challenges?

The last year has seen unprecedented volatility within the Bitcoin Mining community – yet there is still room for optimism.

Bitcoin as an asset class seems inclined to thrive when some of the world’s largest banks are experiencing massive issues. After all, Bitcoin was created during the last massive financial crisis in 2008, caused by banks, many of whom have failed and bailed out again. 

We are bullish about the future of Bitcoin Mining and looking forward to sharing our insights with you in our paper and hearing your feedback. 

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